Chrysalis Girls Club: Weeks 24-27 (Awards Ceremony Practices)

Nov. 10th-11th and Nov. 17th-18th

For our final girls club gatherings, all 86 girls met together to prepare for their Awards Ceremony…

Mma Hlako finished reading “Hope for the Flowers,” proclaiming that the girls were now officially butterflies!

The leaders guided the girls in preparing dances, songs, self-defense demonstrations, and reading essays.

Dance practice took place in the School Hall, our main meeting area, but the choir practiced outside under a tree–the prime meeting location for many groups in our village.

After one of the practices, the leaders presented gifts from Goods 4 Girls, a U.S. organization that donates reusable menstrual pads to girls in Africa…

It saves money, reduces waste, and helps keep the girls in school who might otherwise not attend class while they are menstruating.

They like to give attitude for photos, but the girls were absolutely ecstatic to receive reusable menstrual pads!!! They clapped and cheered for at least 2 minutes straight when we presented them. 🙂 (Thank you, Deanna!)

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